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Re: FEMALE 66 would like travel companions.

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I would like to meet solo female travel companions as well.  I have also found there are no reliable web sites available. I have traveled with AARP's Great American Tours (GET) and was very pleased with their service.  I would like to travel this spring to England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.


If you like tours with guides, comfortable motor coaches , secure accommodations, some meals included, I recommend this group. 


I am planning on booking Wonders of Britain some time this spring.  Would like to have someone for company and to be my "2 person" room rate.


I am only interested in a compatible companion, no scammers, lonely hearts, etc.  I'm not wealthy and have no desire to help any one with expenses.

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Re: FEMALE 66 would like travel companions.

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think beware michellec475250; think that's not good match...

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Re: FEMALE 66 would like travel companions.

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I would love to travel in a group setting. There are a few online singles travel sites .


What places did you have in mind???

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Re: FEMALE 66 would like travel companions.

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Hi @irenic51  Maybe if you offered up thoughts regarding how you'd be traveling. Each pulling a small travel trailer? Flying from spot to spot? Traveling by rail?


If you are looking to create a friendship with one or more traveling partners, it might be best to start with your local Senior Center, where you can get to know one another personally before embarking on a journey into the wild blue yonder.


Wishing you every success,



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FEMALE 66 would like travel companions.

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Would like fun travel companions, femHAWAIIHAWAIIales only.  Open to all ideas.

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