Do airlines and bus companies reserve the right to "dawdle' on a suggestion?

I emailed Southwest Airlines about redoing their senior fares since according to them, you have to be 65 to get the senior discounts.  I suggested to them that they should lower that to 55 so that more AARP members can afford to buy tickets.  And one time, I suggested to Greyhound that they restore a route going along U.S. 67 in Missouri and also have a local service stopping in Festus, Ste. Gennevieve, and in Cape Girardeau, MO.  They said they would take note but I haven't heard word since then.  Sometimes Greyhound will even dawdle and ignore their customers.  That is if you are a law-abiding middle-class citizen.  And I am worried that if I keep contacting them that someday they could contact the police and have me arrested for harassment.  Which would could put me in jail for 20 years.  I am not sure if airlines, Amtrak, or Greyhound reserves the rights to dawdle on the suggestions you give them or what.  But I want all members here on this board to contact Southwest and see if they can lower the age limit from 65 to 55 so that more AARP members can get discounts on tickets.  

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I think the whole idea of 'senior discounts' is counter-productive. I believe it perpetuates the myth that seniors need more help and works against the idea that older people can do anything younger people can do.

  So no, I won't encourage anyone to provide 'welfare' simply because I'm old. 


".....I suggested to them that they should lower that to 55 so that more AARP members can afford to buy tickets.....".

   Studies show that seniors, as a group, are more financially secure than other adults. Especially the 55-65 group.

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