Alignment of the South County Connector

Here is a South-to-north route alignment of the South County Connector.  It starts on Lemay Ferry Road at the VFW Post on Lemay Ferry Road between Meramec Bottom Road and the Meramec River.  The bus would head north on Lemay Ferry Road, up the hill to Butler Hill Road.  It turns left on Butler Hill Road and heads to Schnucks.  It turns around at the Butler Hill Schnucks.  But once it returns to Lemay Ferry Road, it turns left to head further up the hill to Lindbergh to where it makes another left.  Then it turns right onto Tesson Ferry Road.  It jogs west to Tesshire Drive via Music Road.  It follows Tesshire and crosses the Grant's trail by a hardware store.  Then after it climbs a hill, it rejoins Tesson Ferry.  Then it turns left onto Gravois and right at Gravois at Tesson Ferry looks almost like a city of restaurants plus the Affton Schnucks.  Then westward along Gravois.  It crosses the Grant's trail again as it begins to run on the southside of Grant's farm.  It then turns right onto Lindbergh and heads to Kirkwood.  Then in Kirkwood it makes a loop thru the downtown area going west on Adams, south on Clay, east on Jefferson and south on Kirkwood Road.

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