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Re: Windfall Elimination Provision

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You have a somewhat unusual problem and I bet you may get many differing answers.  


cat0w gave you the official US SSA pamphlet on the Windfall Elimination Provision but I am not sure that this pertains to you since these are different countries you worked within.  


You will get a check for the system in Canada for your work there and another from the US SSA system for your benefits here.  Legally you could not have paid into the US SSA system for earning in Canada if you worked for a Canadian employer.


Canada and the US do have an international agreement about this but this really covers US company employees working in Canada.


So you work for a public / government ran hospital in Canada?


Here is the link from the SSA which describes this agreement.

Social Security Administration - International Programs - Totalization Agreement with Canada.


If I were you, before you retire, write a letter with all the details to your Congressman and ask him to get you something in writing on this from the SSA.

You don't want just any clerk making a guess at this and your Congressman should be able to get clarification from somebody in the know at the SSA.


If I come across anything else I will let you know but personally, I don't see how this US SSA Windfall Elimination Provision has anything to do with your wages earned in Canada even if you worked for the Canadian (or provincial ) government.


But it is a complicated system - let us know if you get the answer.

Good Luck.

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Re: Windfall Elimination Provision

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Windfall Elimination Provision

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I don't understand the Windfall Elimination Provision, as it relates to the agreement between Canada and the US. I asked and get all kind of answers, depending on which site of the border you live. Maybe somebody can clarify it for me. I really would appreciate that since it seems to be kind of a grey area.

Here we go:

We live directly at the border to NY state. So for approximately 12 years I worked as a nurse in Canada and then the last 20+ years I work as a nurse in the United States. But we still live in Canada. So I get a small pension from the Canadian government when I retire since my years of working in Canada qualify me for a pension. It's very small.

I pay all the taxes in the US and when I finally retire in a few years I was told the Windfall Elimination Provision would reduce my benefits. 

Somehow I don't get a reliable answer. Would anyone be able to educate me on that. I have to admit I am lost.


Thank you so much.



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