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Turned 63 2/23, Social Security appointment for benefits not until Friday, do they backdate benefits

Hi there:


I turned 63 in February of this year and called Social Security. They took down a lot of information but told me a second call (from their local office) is needed to finalize everything.


The appointment is this week (6 weeks after the first call).


I was informed because many offices are still short staffed, that is why there is a six week gap.


When the payment is approved, will they back-date the first check to February or only supply monies for the upcoming month of April and then onward?


This is for standard Social Security, not any disability. I am going to work part-time and be under the 21,240 threshold for earnings.


Thank you for your time.

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I agree with @cat0w. You should create an account/credentials for the website. On that site, you can see a general indication of the progress of your application, see and update details, and access lots of good generic social security info.

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Have you visited the Social Security website and created an account? The United States Social Security Administration | SSA


If you applied when you talked to SS the first time, then all your information for applying should be online. 



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There are folks here that are experts at this stuff. I'm not one, but I signed up recently and found that they are good at getting you what is owed. February checks go out in March. I'll bet your first check (the fourth Wednesday in April based on your day of birth) will get doubled if you signed up to start in February. If they still have questions, it may take longer to process, but I think ultimately, you will get it all. Congrats on your retirement!


Thank you for the quick response and kind words.


The first customer service rep told me they thought checks are back-dated since they are behind on the finalized calls but I need to speak with the rep this week.


May you and family be well!!!!

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