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Re: Spousal benefits

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Have you visited the Social Security site and created an account?


For your first question that is something you should sit down and figure out. Do you need the extra money at age 62?


For the second question use the SS site and see if it is answered there.

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Spousal benefits

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I will qualify to claim benefits under my ex husband's name (divorced and deceased). I plan to continue working probaby until 70. I also plan on moving to Canada (I am a Canadian citizen with U.S. residency).


Question 1: should I claim his benefits at 62 (with penalty and deduction) or wait until full retirement at 67? and then at 70 switch to mine...


Question 2: Can I work remotely from Canada (for current U.S. employer) and continue contributing to the U.S. tax system and social security instead of the Canadian one?





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