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Since its inception, conservatives and Wall Street bankers have been attempting to destroy Social Security. They think that by dividing us up―working people, retirees, and people with disabilities―they can erode confidence in the system and eliminate Social Security’s universality.
Representative John Larson (D-CT) introduced the Social Security 2100 Act, a bill that has something for everybody. It expands Social Security’s modest benefits, extends the lifespan of the trust fund by 75 years and protects the most vulnerable.
Right now, the Social Security 2100 Act has 157 co-sponsors. This is incredible news—that’s over 80% of the House Democratic caucus, considerably more supporters than any Social Security expansion bill has had before.
Now, let’s get to 100%. Join Social Security Works in calling on all Democrats in the House of Representatives to become a co-sponsor of the Social Security 2100 Act today.
In recent years, you have moved the national conversation around Social Security away from cuts and toward expansion. You’re the reason why the movement to expand Social Security is stronger than ever.
The Social Security 2100 Act has several key factors:
This bill increases the benefits of all Social Security recipients and increases Social Security’s minimum benefit so that those who work a lifetime at low wages will not retire into poverty;
The bill adopts a more accurate cost of living increase so that Social Security’s modest benefits don’t erode with each passing year;
The bill protects the most vulnerable populations ensuring that increases in Social Security benefits do not result in a reduction in SSI benefits or loss of eligibility of Medicaid or CHIP;
The bill ensures the top 0.4% of wage earners pay their fair share into Social Security;
And the bill extends the lifespan of the trust fund by at least 75 years―ensuring that today’s workers, including those just entering the workforce, can rest assured that they will receive all of the Social Security benefits they are earning with every paycheck.
The overwhelming majority of Americans―Democrats, Republicans and Independents―support expanding, not cutting Social Security’s modest benefits. Now, so do the overwhelming majority of House Democrats. We need to build on our momentum and get that number to 100%.
The best defense is a good offense. That’s why the best way to protect Social Security and Medicare from cuts under the Trump administration is to keep fighting for Medicare for All and expanding Social Security.
Sign the petition calling on all Democrats in the House of Representatives to become a co-sponsor of the Social Security 2100 Act today.
Together we’re telling our elected officials exactly where the American people stand: Expand, don’t cut Social Security!
Thank you,
Michael Phelan
Social Security Works

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