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I received a lump sum only because I was legal contingent beneficiary .
The actual money though belongs to my mother because her primary beneficiary status was changed by family member that had power of attorney .
Upon finding out what had been done she confronted family member and they agreed to a resolution .
The resolution was for the family member who was dishonest to sign a disclaimer which he removed himself as primary beneficiary and did not accept the money .
So then the money had to go to contingent beneficiary legally.

This was agreed to under the condition that I then accept the money and in turn transfer it back to my mom .
That is private resolution to the differences they had regarding the money .
Problem is I am disabled and need SSI and my benefits health insurance .

SSI wants to claim I received 40,000 and should use it for my expenses .

But it isn’t my money it’s my moms and I gave it to her because that was the family agreement

How do I protect myself from SSI saying things that aren’t true

It wasn’t my money and I should not have to be cut off for money that did not belong to me to begin with

Maybe technically it went to my account but that doesn’t mean I breach our agreement and keep the money what do do ?

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OH, my - you do have a problem.  I wish you had set up a separate account for this money transfer - one that had your mom's info on it and not yours.  The actual check should have been made out to Your Name, Contingency Beneficiary FBO (for benefit of) your mother's name.  

Whatever you do - KEEP all that paperwork as documentation of what transpired.

How long did you have the money in your account - that's the real problem.  Should have been an in and out real fast.

Go here and ask your question - there are actual SSI pros on this site - meaning people that work for SSA/SSI.  Social Security Board

you will have to register to post your question but you will get an answer on the correct way to proceed - 




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