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Repeal of the WEP and GPO once and for all! H.R. 141 - Social Security Fairness Act of 2019

H.R. 141 the Social Security Fairness Act of 2019 has 223 cosponsors now and enough to pass the floor of the House of Representatives.  We need just 68 more cosponsors to force the vote this year to move it to the Senate where we have 35 Senators already as cosponsors!  It has been many years and a hard fight but we are coming down to the home stretch in the House.  Please call your congressional member to ask him/her to add their name if they haven't already.  To find your representative, just go to U.S. House of Representatives ( site from google. Then click the tab that says REPRESENTATIVES and then look below to click on the letter of your state or the other tab for the Representative's last name.  I prefer the state because I like to call other states too and in a way, ALL federally elected officials vote for or against bills that end up directly affecting ALL of us.  So by extension, they are all our representatives and we just might have family in the state of the representative who has not added his/her name.  If you still have trouble just google things and you can find out information on an elected official or issue.  The point is, it's time for action regarding the WEP and GPO, because it is a major injustice that hurts the elderly in their twilight years.  After all, How many more years do we have after our FRA of 66 or maximum age of 70 if we delay... or even 62 if we take it early? Here are just some reasons for repeal of the WEP and GPO:

  1. 5 - 3 million+ Americans affected, and 5 million by extension
  2. It HELPS AMERICANS who've earned and paid into Social Security.
  3. It rights a wrong and pays a debt owed to millions and for others who have already died and were denied their full social security it morally apologizes for the injustice of a wrong done decades ago.  
  4. It is NON-PARTISAN  (and Bipartisan)
  5. Currently 223 members have added their names as cosponsors.
  6. Millions of seniors in your state, and thousands in your district with family.
  7. You will be thanked and rewarded for doing the right thing.
  8. It supports marriage, and rewards spouses for enduring beyond 10 years, (GPO). (all states)
  9. The votes are there but adding your representative's name will expedite its passage.
  10. The fact that a Rep. adds his or her name makes him or her aware and sensitive of the need and will stand him or her in good stead before, during and after political life.

These are only suggestions (1 – 10).  Practice your script beforehand.  Add new positive reasons to vote for this wonderful bill and ask the staff member to review or tell you WHAT the bill is (141) before you leave as a representative can be made to look good or bad by his/her staff that filters the calls and information to that representative.  Thank them for taking your call and listening to them and remind them that you will be going to the site to check regularly to see when that elected representative adds his or her name and that they might get another call back to thank them.  Thanks for reading this and now it's time for us to roll our sleeves up and fight for it!


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