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Hello all, I am new here.  My birthdate is 12/31/1954.  I have seen both where the age I need to be to get full benefits is 66, and 66 plus two months.  I am wondering if having been born the last day of 1954 may cause me a delay in my benefits calculation.  I am in good health and still working.  I would like to start drawing social security in January of 2020, the month following my 65th birthday which will also be the year that I will turn 66, or Dec. 31st of 2020, can continue working.  Will I be able to earn $45360 or whatever the working income limit is then before I start being penalized in 2020 ?  Is there any place on the social security website where I can verify this ?  I don't want to start drawing it if my working income max is $17040.  Thank you.

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Call your local social security office and they should be able to tell you.
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Have you visited the Social Security web site and created an account?


Be sure to look at FAQs.



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Well, first of all, you aren't being "penalized" in the strictest (losing anything) by having your SS benefits temporarily reduced while you are receiving a salary.  You will get that money back in the form of higher SS payments after you stop working.  You may even want to consider not taking your benefit at all if you work after your full retirement age, as they will increase 8% per year until you are 70.

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