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Limits on spending covid 19 moneys in a nursing home


Limits on spending covid 19 moneys in a nursing home

I'm a resident in a skilled nursing home--very fortunate for me all the rooms are single, and I'm allowed to have a computer and a checking account yeahhhh spend the money!!!!   I am on medicare/medicaid and what I want to know (hopefully somebody out there knows) is what was the moritorium on spending the money, so it didn't affect my Medicaid account balance. I was pretty sure we had a year to spend all of it on the first check back in 2020. Is the time limit the same for all three checks?  I don't have a POA. My checks automatically go Does anybody have any answers to the office. Might have been nice if I woulda got the money as a debit card that might have been simpilier! Anyway, I was told that the office watches our accounts and if they get up to around $1500, they're supposed to tell us. The last two business office managers they've had last year, and this year didn't know what they were doing (thankfully they're gone) and screwed up a lot of the accounts The last one was let go but nobody told me. So now I'm trying to figure out what to do. Do you just give back the overage so they can give it back to the govt?  I'm allowed to have money in my room, but I don't know how much we're allowed to have in cash. If it's in my room they're not going to know how much----I always did think that aspect is confusing! Paula

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