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Federal Employees thanked by Trump with $143.5 billion in Retirement Cuts


Federal Employees thanked by Trump with $143.5 billion in Retirement Cuts

Jeff T.H. Pon pushed 4 proposals that over 10 years would significantly cut retirement benefits for 2.6 million Federal retirees and survivors.  Trump and the media are not talking about this and will vote for these 4 proposals over the next few months.  I have been quietly telling police officers, teachers and the postal workers about this and to tell others about these proposals.  We need to inform the public those affected by these cuts for the workers and their survivors.  Some of the cuts are eliminating the retirement cost of living adjustments, increasing retirement contriubtions and no increase in benefits, and also require the federal employee to fund a greater portion of their retirement benefit. Article written by Joe Davidson on May 8 in the Washington Post.  Please pass this information on and advise people of the mid term elections that if the republican party wins - with trump in power they will try to put these proposals through Congress.  You must vote for people who will stand up for us as for Paul Ryan did not respond when he read the proposals, however Elijah Cummings called the Trump Administation proposal "draconian" as it would betray the promises Trump made to the middle class federal worker who dedicate their lives to public service. Pon promised Trump these changes before the mid term elections.  Please vote, please do not support these cuts.

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