Does social security income count towards the Social Security Income Limit



Does social security income count towards the Social Security Income Limit?


I believe the limit is currently $1896.00. When calculating my income to make sure I do not go beyond this amount, do I need to count my SSI in that total?



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I think when Julie says SSI she when means Social Security Income.

Not "SSI" supplemental security income. She is just abbreviating.

I have the same question!


ANSWER:  After some googling I have come to believe that earned income does NOT include social security checks.  So when they say that one who is receiving social security (early retirement) they can earn up to $19,000 or so -- that does not include social security checks.  Please correct me if I'm wrong but I think that is correct. For a few years I'd been under the wrong impression!  AARP might write about this...myths of retirement. For me after I turn 66 -- there are no restrictions on earning.

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Yes the earnings limit is only applicable for EARNED income - W-2 wages or Self-employed.

If those type of earning (in 2022) exceed $ 19, 560 AND one is LESS THAN FULL RETIREMENT AGE (it changes some for the year that one reaches FRA ) and then completely goes away after FRA. Special Earnings Limit Rule

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“do I need to count my SSI in that total?”


@JulieO434148 If the income you’re referring to is SSI you should know that SSI is a different program than SS or SSDI which are both subject to the $18960 cap you mention.


@JulieO434148 I am providing a link to SS Benefits Planner. The last two paragraphs address your question. You only count wages you earn from your job or your net profit if you're self-employed. You do not count your SS benefits.  

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Good to read this for 2022; major changes for some: Fact Sheet: Social Security 


Hope there's a previous link somewhere on, as they are supposed to provide info and help us...



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