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Benefits question about PT job in which I didn't have to pay SS tax

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Benefits question about PT job in which I didn't have to pay SS tax

I am about to apply for social security.

When I log onto the SS website I see an 'estimate benefits' amount but am wondering about something. During the best 35 years of earnings for myself, during 10 of those years, I worked part time for a community college and never had SS tax deducted from any of those paychecks. State and federal taxes yes, but not SS. They told me that this was because I was working for the county. I have never received any pension money from them. The amount of earnings over the 10 years from the college did not amount to all that much but what I am wondering is whether the 'estimated benefits' that I see on the social security website will be lowered due to the fact that I never did pay into SS from those earnings from the college (again, keeping in mind that I have never recieved any pension money from that job, if this makes any difference). If so, is there a formula that I can use to calculate how much of a reduced amount I will receive? For 7 of those 10 years I WAS working at a full time job, and another PT jpb both of which always deducted SS taxes from my paychecks.

Does SS calculate benefits based on earmings, or does it calculate based on actual SS paid in over a lifetime? Or both?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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@Jay968  While on the Social Security web site did you create an account? 


You need to read this for more information on the question you are asking. You should be able to get the information you want by following the instructions and using the links provided.

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I do have an account there. That's how I was able to see my estimated benefit amount. I saw nothing that answered the question I have, that's why I came here.

All I can gather is that an "ESTIMATED" amount is calculated based on earnings from the best 35 years during my work life.. When I look further I see info about govt workers not paying SS but being part of a pension system. The amount may be adjusted based on that. But there is no word about my particular situation...I did not pay SS on that job because it was considered a county employee job, but there was no pension involved. Not sure why they didn't collect SS but they didn't and I am now wondering about this. From everything else I see, SS benefits seem to be based on earnings, not on amount paid into SS over the years.

Anyone know if this is correct, or if there will be an adjustment made for those paychecks in which I did not pay SS tax?

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@Jay968  If you checked on your SS account for all your earnings and what you and your employers paid to SS  you should have seen this.




The best place to get answers would be by visiting your nearest SS office.


You may want to look at this too and call the numbers provided.


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