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πŸ€” Anyone Else Concerned About Our FULL Social Security Numbers Are On Our MAILED Yearly Statement?

(1/22/23) I had never paid attention to the area our Social Security Numbers are printed on our YEARLY Social Security Retirement STATEMENT until last week when I received this year's copy in my MAILBOX.


I guess I was not paying attention since retiring July 2020.


I am signed up to get everything ONLINE, but for some reason they INSIST on mailing ONLY this to my apartment address.


I can see the ONLINE version, so why mail me a PRINT COPY?


Hmmm, suppose a dishonest postal worker opens the envelope which is obviously just 1 sheet and from the Social Security Administration.


Suppose our mail gets stolen or delivered to the wrong person.


I would have thought using the usual x's would protect us. Example, xxx-xx-1234.


Any thoughts out there? πŸ€”


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Oh Oh this is not a good thing in todays world..Hopefully something will be done about it ASAP especially the online version which seems to get hacked daily in different things...

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(1/23/23) So good hearing from you @jonibee ! I also had sent a News Tip to my local newspaper. Now to see IF anyone cares. Have a GREAT day, I am. Nicole πŸ™‚

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(1/22/23) I did contact my senator's office last week and submitted my issue. One of my council women agreed with my concern and had referred me to him. I will followup in a month with his office IF I have not received anything from his Caseworker. Lol, I stay broke, but have zero interest in my number being sold. Yikes! 😱


I will update this thread....

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