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Need help with thinning, hair loss or breakage?

For Black Women hair is more than a style!  Share stories, tips, resources—and pride in our uniqueness!


What works best for you treating your breakage or hair loss?


Great story here -

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I wish I could comfort you, but my mom went from about ii to i/ii to i after menopause. She lost thickness after pregnancy that she failed to regain as well.

I would focus on eating right. That is the main source of health & good healthy hair. No matter how worried you are, if you don't eat right it is only going to get worse instead of better.

Do this and re-evaluate in 3-6 months' time.

I would also continue to take the vitamins as per what the doctor told you.


Also take a look at little review cause it can help and then consult with your doctor.

Good luck.

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