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Have you tried mindfulness meditations?

We all need to reclaim our peace in stressful times.  Have you ever tried mindfulness meditations?  We featured an article on AARP Sisters -


Tell us how about your experiences - would love to hear your likes and dislikes!

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I found a site that can easily be downloaded called   There is a paid version but I just use the free one and it has been enough for me.  First thing that I do is check in and it recommends a meditation for me. (these are usually 3 - 10 minutes)  I usually listen to Body Scan as I get dressed, make my bed, etc.  Then I do my own version of tai chi / yoga during which I also do my personal mediation, ending with sending gratitude to the people from my life present and past.   If something bothers me during the day I can go back to MyLife and access one of a number of meditations.  I also do "tapping" at some time during the day.  These things have helped me get through the political nastiness of Trump as well as the virus fears that we all have.

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Why is it every black woman?  Do other women not need mindfulness meditations?  Is it racist to make this article directed only to black women?  Shocking........what's up, AARP?


I wholeheartedly agree with you.  Does AARP along with every other media outlet has to denigrate white races.  Why can't you just make it for everyone?  AARP IS racist

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I want to, but I am having trouble staying on task and being able to relax. It's because I haven't done it in years. I found some guided sessions on YouTube. I'll probably use them until I don't need them and they are free.

I subscribe to Headspace and I meditate daily (usually). It has really changed the way I show up in life and how I handle stress etc. I recommend it to anyone.
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