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Re: There's a new phone scam now

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Funny, but the infrequent times I get unsolicited calls, I wind up telling them that I can't understand them, because they need to get representatives who can speak English without an accent!

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There's a new phone scam now

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The newest phone scam is just slightly different - They will usually ask you "Can you hear me?" and, if you say yes, they can record that and then use it later to say that you agreed to something.  


These creeps usually already have some other personal data.  Just hang up on them!  


The IRS will NEVER EVER call you to collect on a tax bill. Bill collectors of any kind will never ask you to pay what you owe with a gift card.


I've been warning employees against other IRS-related scams as well.  Their official letters will never refer to themselves as the IRS - they will always be the Internal Revenue Service. 

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