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Telikin WOW computer advertised in your magazines

I read in your monthly magazines regarding this Telikin Computer made specially for seniors and easy to use even if had no tech experience.  I called and he gentlemen told me it was better than any computer on the market that would cost you over $2,000.  He painted a picture of how easy it was to use and you had all the help you needed so you were able to do everything on this computer.  I bought this computer which coat me over $1000+ in Nov. 2021.  What happened when the computer got her I had to leave for Iowa to my daughter's and I did not get to set up this computer until May 2022.  This computer is the worse thing I have ever gotten.  There is no easy way of using it unless you are an expert tech.  To this date I have not been able to use the video chat because the salesman forgot to tell me the people have to have the Telikin Web site and it does not work on phones, people have to have a computer in order for this to work.  Mostly none of the people I know have computers, they have phones.  Please advice how I can complain at length to you because my $400 computer is way much better than this and they will keep scamming people thru your magazine ads. That is the reason I bought it because it was advertised in your magazines. I have contacted them twice by mail and like 4 times by phone.  They tell me how to do things but when I go to do it it does not work.  I can not copy and paste, I can not do international characters, it takes way too long to come on, it does not come with a spam folder, it only takes HP printers and it keeps going offline for some reason. An over $1000+ computer and the speakers are no good, they crackle and have static all the time, you have to buy speakers and then they dont work very well either.  My $400 computer has better sound.    My daughter and grandsons that work on computers all the time have tried and they can not make any sense of this computer.    I guess i learned my lesson and will not purchase anything listed in your magazines.  This is not a senior friendly computer, I guess I would have to go get classes to use it.   Now I m even getting pop ups of if I want the voice service I have to pay for a VIP membership.  I was not told that before I bought it.  I can not even read the news in peace as I get pop ups all the time which I guess its another charge to get rid of them.                                                                                                                                                   

Regular Social Butterfly

I was so sad and astonished to read this; I'd not learned of this scam before.


I'm so sorry for your negative experience; here's what's been posted on Better Business Bureau: Telikin (opens in new page/tab/window) going back to early 2020.


I was tech support for 30+ years; I set Mom up with 5 year old Toshiba (not touchscreen) and she learned mouse and no special training or equipment was required.


AARP should focus on perhaps lawsuit to recover some seniors moneys?

Phil Harris, actor and showman, to John Fogerty of CCR: “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
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