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Re: Store Sale Tags

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@octavia84 Yes. I've seen this too. It is deceptive, to put it mildy. 


Another thing I've seen is a brightly colored shelf talker claiming SALE!!!! And there is even a sale tag placed over the regular price tag ... but if you peel that off, you find that this advertised sale price is the same as the covered-up everyday price. I stopped shopping at one local store when this type of advertising deception became their habit.



Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Smiley Happy




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Store Sale Tags

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This is not a scam, but it is a common, mis-leading business practice. I see it in stores, Pharmacies especially. It's the 50% OFF ruse. A brightly colored shelf sign under some product will have the qualifying phrase, "Buy One, Get One" as the heading, in small, normal print. Then it will have the attractive, 50% OFF phrase in large, bold font beneath the qualifying phrase. We see 50% OFF and zoom in to investigate. Then we confirm the deal when we see, "Buy one, get one". The difference in font makes it look like two, separate statements. But we are not reading it with the store's intention, that is, buy one and get a second one for 50% off. (When you take your selection to the counter, the cashier will explain the deal.) So, if you buy two, you will effectively save only 25%. The store is counting on us to go through with the purchase after we get to the counter. I hate these signs!

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