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I don’t know where or ho to get help and find out but I have resin to believe my astranged husband filed as married filing jointly to get more and my portion of economic stimulus check I’m on SSDI and have m money put on my direct express card so I was told I didn’t have to fill out the non filers form just to wait but now I haven’t received mine yet and everyone I know has already gotten there’s when I asked my soon to be ex if he did this he said if that is what happened he is sure it was a typo he said his girlfriend filled out his paperwork and that his bank closed his account so he hasn’t got his money yet and then has avoided me how can I find out if my name and ss# has already been used and or if a economic impact Check has been paid out to anyone 

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You can check to see if the IRS "Get My Payment" tool gives you any info under your SS# and address on file.  If your ex- got it, as under a married filing joint return for 2018/2019,  the check would have been made out to both of you.  You would have also had to sign the Married filing joint tax return and he would have had to report your income too ( 1099-SSA) and any other.


If your economic impact payment (EIP) has been sent out, the IRS "GET MY PAYMENT" tool  will tell you when , how much and how.


Once a payment does go out, a letter is generated by the IRS 15 days later to the address on file.


IF it has not been sent out, it will say info is unavailable and you just have to continue to wait until your turn in the IRS queque - group processing  They are still working on sending out those for direct deposit, direct express cards or check fashion for those who get benefits from the SSA - SS Retirement, SSDI, or even Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which the SSA also processes..  These payments are being sent out the same way you get your normal benefits - direct deposit, direct express card or in check fashion.


Could your ex have claimed you as a dependent instead of married filing joint on any tax return 2018/2019?  If so, that would make you ineligible for the EIP but neither would it increase your ex- husband's amount since only dependents less than 17 get the added amount of $ 500.


Here is the IRS GET MY PAYMENT tool - go to the link and  just click on the blue button and follow the identifying info.

If it says not available - don't do anything else but just wait.  You can check this tool once a day - it is only updated once a day (night before). 


Don't panic until you know.




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