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Social Security Impostors Take Scams to the Next Level

Criminals have been phoning people, posing as real Social Security officials and flaunting fake badge numbers to persuade victims to give up money or sensitive information, a government official warns. (Read the full article...) Has this happened to you? What would you do?

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I was pretty excited tonight to receive the Social Security phone call at home. I knew right away it was not legitimate, and then I got excited and put it on speaker phone so my wife could hear. Afterwards I told her that it was a scam and how and why I knew (I suppose I could be wrong but I had my analysis of the call).


It was funny that the recorded male speaker (this was a recording that I would have had to reply to) had a very serious voice, the voice of someone in great authority. Like listening to a policeman or someone. In fact, the guy who calls me regularly from the police benevolent fund has the same tone and tenor of voice; there must be a school.


I wish I had a transcript of the call. There were all sorts of dire threats of what would happen if I didn't follow their instructions. Threats of felony and breaking laws. It was so goofy but I could see how some vulnerable person could fall for this.

I go through phases... either I don't answer any phone calls or I answer them all. I got one the other day, a live person, wanting to sell me some health insurance. I asked him "oh, do you want to speak to our Sales Department?". We went back and forth on that one and he got confused "Is this a business I'm calling?", "Yes, would you like to speak to our Sales Department?". I've gotten a number of long, large, stressful projects completed recently and I guess now I'm blowing off steam.


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