Secret Shopper

 I signed up to be a secret shopper. Received an email stating I had been accepted and would be receiving a packet in the mail.  I received a single sheet letter along with a check. I also received a second packet not addressed to me but my address. I only opened the one addressed to me. It had instructions on how I was to proceed.  I was to confirm that I received packet, the contact person was the same as person who said I was accepted.  How do I know if this is ligit?

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Run not walk away from this deceptive, bogus scam. You didn't mention in your question that the packet also included a check w/one to three thousand dollars to deposit in your bank account. I was suckered by this scam a while back, but fortunately got to my bank in time before it cleared and cleared my account (pun intended). The MO you described is simular to how they normally move. They've already acquired your email address and send the Mystery Shopper job as bait to reel you in, is how you're supposedly are accepted. They only ask you to confirm your info (address, #, and em) to ensure they send the packet w/the bait check to the correct address, awaiting on the other end for your account and routing no.'s to come in for the kill. I hope this reply helps and saves you from these crooks. On an ending note when something seems too good to be true its probably illegal. (Judge Judy's version:)

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