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Secret Shopper Scam

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I have fallen victim to this Secret Shopper Scam. I was trying to make a little money. I have just lost my long term disability from work and am still waiting to hear from Social Security. My Attorney tells me to "hang in there", a few more months and I should have my teleconference. Meanwhile, I have no income. I applied for this Secret Shopper position and was approved. I received my packet, my detailed instructions and a Cashiers check for almost $2,000.00. I checked to make sure the bank was a legitimate bank, and it was and the check had all the markings of legitimacy. I followed the instructions to a tee, Deposited the check into my account and waited for the funds to become available. 

As soon as they became available, I followed the instructions removed the amount they requested and was to evaluate 2 WalMart Moneygram locations because of "overcharging fees, rude customer service, and other factors".  Send money to at each location and to report back with an evaluation of each location and the customer service. I was compensated $300 and $70 for gas and would be given another $300 if this was done within 48 hours. 

Well, low and behold to my demise I am the foolish one and the check was denied, the people can't be reached, and I am in overdraft at my bank for the full amount plus the return check fee. I had to file a police report and now I file a report with the cyber crime dept of the FBI. 

All because I wanted to make a little money to help myself because I have nowhere to turn and no one to help me. I don't know what to do. I feel like like a complete idiot and have nothing left. Just wanted to put this out there so it doesn't happen to anyone else. 

I'm so lost beyond words...

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