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Re: Scam telephone call

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dreamshield wrote:



Got a whole slug of those cluttering up my CID.  Latest one is a repeating robo-call from a CID that just gives a number...800-255-1412.  I answered the first call with a real voice, said HELLO and then nothing at all...not even a repeat hello.  Unless you answer more than once it seems something doesn't get tripped and the spiel doesn't begin, so I can't tell you what it is. When it happens, if I don't pick up the rings continue until the answering machine kicks in.  I have listened to what happens then...same thing as if you only answer once...line stays open for some time before the clicks began and the operator robo came on asking me to hang up if I want to place a call. 


These calls have been going on for about a week now, don't stop and recur 3-4 times a day, beginning just before 7am and then repeat every hour or so.  After 5-6 tries, they quit. The cycle begins again about 7pm. 


This appears to be a set routine that gets interrupted IF you answer hello until a real person comes on or a canned message starts.  The last one that got through got to my spouse and was from 'my grandson' at a police station in the carribean.  He had been given an airline ticket to go with his friends on 'spring break' and when the got in and went out on the town the local cops stopped them and threw them all in the slammer.  Grandson was 'clean' but he needed to pay a 'service fee' to the locals so he could get out of the country.  He had the money in the bank, but couldn't get the bank to give it to him in the carribean we send it down, he'd pay us back as soon as he could get to the bank..well spouse said she didn't believe caller was her grandson even though he used my grandson's real name.  How they got that and made the connections between him and us had to have come through one of the sites that do work-ups of people on the internet.  Interesting.


Might be useful to you and someone else out there.  It's a zoo. 

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Scam telephone call

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February 10, 2017 at 8:36 am I got a call with the caller ID as Golden Gaming -702-637-0611- when I answer a robot said that I had been referred to pay off my credit cards - press one for information - I did and an Indian accent female said I  owed a lot of money on my credit card - I said - I do and she said yes- I said, tell me about it - she repeated the same line three times - she finally asked which card,visa or master - I said, you tell me - she asked if she could put me on hold and I said no - she than called me a **bleep** - I said OK - she than told me to go f---- myself - I said OK- she said the same thing again- I said OK - she finally hung up. Her English words were very clear

I google Golden Gaming - obtain their telephone number and told them about the call.


Another telephone scam is from 702-576-0082 - a male caller gives a name and talks about a home repair service and proceeds to ask questions - caller ID is RETURNEDNUM

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