Scam That Targets Seniors

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     We all like the convenience of shopping from catalogues. But, there are scams to be found there in those catalogues as well. Follow this URL:


     The company I am complaining about today is AmeriMark. Their tentacles spread far and wide.

Anthony Richards, Beauty Boutique, Compliments, Essentials, Feel Good, Time for Me, Healthy Living and Windsor Collection are the catalogues they prey on seniors from.


     In February of 2019 I ordered a pair of theraputic gloves from their Healthy Living catalogue. I had a bad case of several of my fingers locking up and the gloves looked promising.


     This AmeriMark has the bad habit of enrolling people in a "special program" without having the permission from their customers. They charged my card 14.95 per month since February 2019. for a total of $119.60 without my permission. 


     The URL above is about a senior who was ripped off for 800.00!


     AARP should investigate these con people because they have been ripping old folks off for a very long time. The Ohio BBB has 209 complaints registered against this company for the same exact scam.


     A word to the wise: Do not shop the catalogues listed above!


     Now follow this URL that will take you to the another complaint site:



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