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Problems with medical billing located in Belfast, ME


Problems with medical billing located in Belfast, ME

We have been having problems with medical billing.  It must be some sort of 'corporation' that medical facilities or doctors can join to handle their payments.  The address is PO Box 14000, Belfast ME.  Primary Providers of Central Kentucky do their billing there, as well as a local Physicial Specialist.  We paid a bill in April through Truist Bank.  They wrote a check and it was mailed April 12th 2022.  The check was never processed and we started getting calls about the bill.  After calling the bank they said stop payment and pay with debit card.  Payment was processed again on May 3, 2022.  Have called two different 844 numbers and mailed proof of payment to two different e-mails.  In the meantime got another call about the bill, returned the call and they said it is cleared.  This involves sending bank statements.  Which I tried to black out the account number before I sent it.  But since then I have had to see a specialist, and his billing is handled by the same place.  When I went back for my 2nd visit, the bill had not been paid.  I had done it a few days beforehand, and I know if they write a check it takes 5 days.  So I made the comment it had been paid via Truist Bank and I hoped they get it because I was having trouble with another bill that was paid to that address.  The receptionist said 'That doesn't surprise me.'  Does anyone know of any suspicious activity from this billing service?  It seems as if they are pretty careless with they way they handle payments.  And they keep calling and e-mailing months after the payments are made.

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