Phone Scam

Received a call this morning, 3/16/18, from a unknown number so we let it go to voice mail.  The caller was a real person, not a computer voice.   She introduced herself as Daisy but didn't state any company name.  She went on to say that a complaint had been filed against us and to stop it from escalating into legal action we were to immediately call back to 855-945-0019 and reference Case File # TN _ _ _ _ _.

(Note:  I omitted the actual case # she gave).   Immediately, we knew this was a scam.   Any type of legal action, whether it be a collection agency, law suit, overdue notices, jury duty, IRS issues, etc. ALWAYS make initial contact via registered letter.   Their first mode of contact is NEVER by phone and no one should EVER return these calls.

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