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Re: PayPal Credit Problem,

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I ran into issues with them about 10 years ago during the recession when I lost everything including my job, house and car, so they were not a priority for me.


I was advised in the following years while I rebuilt my credit, PayPal is not a debt most major lender, credit agencies actually hold against anyone (e.g, usually won't impact actual credit score, even when on credit report, unless extremely large (addictive amounts).


I have since then recovered and beginning 5 years ago have established VISA, banking and auto loans with no impact to APR due to PayPal issue.


Please understand, I do pay my debts, but sometimes bad stuff happens, and 2008-9 was terrible for Las Vegas and most of the country. I have never filed bankruptcy and always completed my obligations (although sometimes later that I or they wanted).


I would advise checking with one the the credit agencies with particulars of your issue (AARP has some assistance; I think you should contact your local or nearest office), but would think in your situation as explained, this would have less impact than not paying cable bill in 1990.


Good luck.

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PayPal Credit Problem,

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Hello, I cannot find a list of the various community forums with there sub headings anywhere. So, this may not fit in this topic. In Dec. 2015 I contacted PayPal to tell them I needed to work out some sort of forbearance or something. I was told they could do nothing until I was actually behind. I called every month at least twice then in April they offered me a deal pay what I owe and things will be back to normal. A couple of more months and they had a decent offer that I was willing to take but they need to send me the paperwork before I would agree. Several times I was told they would not/could not send me the paperwork. I was also told they were sending it out. Then I started getting calls at 6:30 am from PayPal collections. I called and ask them to stop calling me at 6:30 am (illegal to call that early). Next time I called back the only way they would talk to me because I had told them to stop calling, was to get a notarized letter authorizing them to talk with me again. I have no money for a notary. So we haven't talked in two months. We are both disabled and retired, and our annual income is $20,300. We own our house out right and do not want to lose it. I have worked out a deal with my other creditors. And there is little left for food and meds. The penalties and interest are causing the PP debt to increase. I don't have any idea where to turn or who to get help? We own our house out right and do not want to lose it. Should I get it refinanced? Or just wait to stand before the judge? They have hurt my credit and I wonder how that would affect getting refinanced? Any help very much appreciated? Thank You, Tim
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