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New email scams

Over the last month I have been receiving email scams.  It started with one supposedly from Geek Squad about my account being charged to "renew"  my subscription.  As they wanted, I got incensed and called the # provided.  Once I began speaking with the "representative", I realized that it was a scam - because I told them that the charge was unauthorized and that I was going to report them to the Attorney General.  The rep got tongue tied and I hung up.  Since that time, I have rec'd several other emails purportedly from "my" online security provider; amazon about "my" order; even one thinking I wouldn't recognize that the order came from "amazqn".....  Not sure where they got my email, but looking at the email address their email came from, I could see that they were not remotely connected with the company they supposedly were sending the email from!


Check out the email address before responding.  I am forwarding the emails I rec'd to the atty general's office here in WA State.

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Once you answer an email  like that your name is sold to other scammers.      You are probably on the dark web so you should pull your credit reports and look for activity. Also check your finicial records and retirement funds to see if you have been hacked. Maybe even freeze your credit to avoid getting credit cards and loans you didn't make. as for reporting those email addresses they probably were spoofed and not legitimate.  I have received emails from myself from other places not assciated with any company that they were sent from. Its like phone numbers with caller id these can be changed by the scammer. If you get any more things like that call the company directly don't use links or phone numbers provided by them.

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