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Hii everyone...My name is Rayandsouza from California, USA. I want to discuss a cheating event happened to me a few days ago. A person named as Matthew called me and said - you won $10000 from Lottery and you have to pay a token amt.of $ 500 and your bank details to collect the entire prize money directly in your bank account. He told me to pay the token amt using West Union and I did so. Afterward, He told me to transfer the entire prize money in the next 7 business days and I said Ok. When I started to call him after one week, His contact no. was switched off. I tried him again & again but the response from that no. was same. I complained to the police station nearby me but they said it is an online scam and we are unable to find out the Scammer. Can anybody suggest me a tool regarding online scam???

As I have heard about a tool named as Scampedia and never used this tool before. Can anybody tell me about this tool and how to use it against fraudulent activities? Waiting for your early response.....

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$500 isn't a "token amount", and should have been a big red flag, that this wasn't legitimate. There are many articles online & in magazines, about all sorts of scams, warning people that if you legitimately win something, there are no "fees" (other than government taxes) you'd have to pay. Scammers are so successful, because too many people are hoping to get the proverbial "something for nothing".


One time I got a phone call about a cruise I'd won, and all I'd have to pay was administrative fees. I asked how I could have won a cruise, if I hadn't bought a ticket for any sort of raffle/lottery .. and the caller hung up immediately!

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