My reason for hatred with psychics

I hope I don't get slammed for this but I as a Christian feel that psychics sometimes do nothing but cheat people.  And if you see some of their silly ads, they can sometimes be scammers or fraud.  Why should I go and waste my hard earned money on someone that would predict the future and find out what they are predicting is wrong.  I rather put my money in the bank and save up for stuff like trips, groceries, things like that.  I know they are forms of entertainment, but just so I am safe, I rather steer clear of them and place my money in the bank where it can collect intrest.  If I were you, I wouldn't shell out any of my hard earned money to the psychics.

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You sir, sound like the psychic to me! I predict that your future will be a bright one because you're aware that psychic predictions are nothing but blatant scams. Good for you!  😉

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