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My 89-year-old parent was scammed by yard workers

Is there any recourse to this sort of thing?


A team of three or four yard workers, one of whom had done yard work at my parents' house in suburban D.C. previously, did three hours worth of light yard work last week (small yard, no tree pruning or anything) and then told my mother that she owed them $10,000.

She wrote the check. And she doesn't want to have the bank stop it (it's probably too late now anyway) or take any action against the scammers.

They came back this week to do a few more hours of work as planned, and before they began, told her it would be another $10,000. She had wised up a little and told them her finances were shaky and she really couldn't afford it. They went away. My mother said she felt guilty for "conning" them. Gah!!!

Is there any recourse, or way at least to warn others about these men? 





How can 

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This is horrible and report to the police and the bank because they may be able to prosecute them..It shouldn't go undone and you should be on your Mom' account to  pay her bills because obviously she is an easy mark for thieves...Do it ASAP...

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  • Maybe no recourse unless they can be identified and names given to authorities
  • warn neigbors, friends, anyone who will listen
  • put up signs and posters around your neighborhood, local stores, etc.
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