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Re: Money Returned From Scam

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@sunday46 Thanks for the update: all good news! I'm glad you are recovering and pray it continues to go well for you.


As for giving away stuff you wouldn't use or don't like: yes. We bought highly rated bike helmet add-on bug shields only to discover that they were poorly made: one fell apart during installation. We were given a full refund, and we were told to keep the second shield. We put it in the Goodwill box. We've done that with other items as well, figuring if someone can use an item, it is better to give it away than putting an unwanted item in the trash. 



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Money Returned From Scam

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March 8, 2017


Happy Almost Spring!!


Hello My Community,

Just wanted you to know that as far as my recovery from the Posterial Laminectomy Surgery the warm days of Spring/Summer like weather has

made me feel good.  Those cool nights are delightful. I am progressing each

day with prayer and love from my children/friends. I know now that this surgery

takes a looooong time for me to get well 100%.


Now about my regretted Coach Bag Scam ?? That was resolved and my 

money was put back on my card. I filed a claim, contacted BBB and made

calls to the Card Issurer each week.  Finally , the money is back!  Now this

Card was issued by Visa. This is key and hopefully will help someone. Get

a Pre-paid card and load it when you like. Doing this prevents using your

regular Cards just in case there is a problem.  I do not make On-Line 

Purchases using my Bank Card or other Major Cards. They are supposed

to have Safe Sites to use, but I do no use them.


Lesson learned about Coach Bags and I buy them for their Quality.  I know

the prices.  This time I thought that I had found a Bargain ( don't let the

high price slashed $$$$/) make you think that it is a sale/deal! It is a Scam and I will never forget my experience.


Now I have a Plastic piece of junk with Coach stamped even in the inside.

I would not never carry this bag because it is not Leather or of good quality.

I do not want to "trash" it, but I will find someone who does not care about



Would you give someone something that you would not want???

Let me hear from you.  Thanks!!

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