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Job Offer SCAM

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Because my resume is out there (Social job boards), I'm getting aLOT of emails for job offers. Problem is, a large number of them are FAKE!  Mainly because these fake emails are using the SAME Verbiage.  There are also other tell tale signs that this kind of email is a scam.  Here is a recent email (1 of 3. Different names, companies, same verbiage) sent to me I have cut and pasted below.  Please note the "Red Flags."


"Dear Applicant, (sometimes they will address you by name)

 Hello and Good day to you, We have reviewed the qualifications detailed in your resume thoroughly and would like to interview you.You are expected to contact the Hiring manager Mr (fake name. Sometimes a worman's name) via Google HANGOUTS, ("RED FLAG") to schedule an online job briefing session and subsequent interview.
I believe you have a G mail account ? If Yes , then Are you currently On-line on Google HANGOUTS ? ("RED FLAG") NO REAL EMPLOYER WILL EVER ASK FOR THIS! 
Kindly download a Google HANGOUTS APPLICATION ("RED FLAG") on your Smart Phone or PC and Log on Online. and if you got one already use it, add Mr (fake name) the H.R Manager and IM Him ("RED FLAG") on this ID ([company name].(fake name) (some will use will known company names to get your attention especially if you appied to one of them) for the interview/briefing and comprehensive job details. This is our first step to proceed further. He will be online waiting for you. ("RED FLAG!!!" "RED FLAG!!!" "RED FLAG!!!")
*Job: Date Entry
*Job Location: Online
* Hourly salary 25$  ("Red Flag" Seriously!  Data Entry does NOT Pay $25 hrly ANYWHERE)
* Paid Training provided (20$ per Hour) 
* Benefits: health, insurance, 401k
*Comprehensive Online Training Provided"
Also in these emails.  There is NEVER ANY COMPANY CONTACT INFORMATION BELOW (i.e company name, address, phone/fax, city, state, zip).
NOTE:  They want you to IM/DM (Instant Message or Direct Message) them so they can gain access to your computer/laptop so they can drop a very nasty bug.  This bug allows them to see all of your keystrokes in real time.  So, if you are doing any banking, etc online, they have access not only to your accounts but your passwords as well.  Yes, they almost got me. BUT I was able to disconnect before the bug was activated.  After reporting them,  Microsoft was able to de-bug my computer at no cost. Lesson Learned.
ALSO!  They will sent you Text messages with the SAME VERBIAGE!  Again, Real Employers will Never, Ever, Ever Contact you in this mannger.
Hope this helps.
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