Re: Is PCH a Scam?

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My 87-y-o father lives with me. When the PCH mailings started it seemed like he was having fun. Soon he was receiving several mailings each day. He was ordering things that he did not know he was ordering, did not remember ordering, and didn't even know what they were. It quickly got out of control. He is so excited about the idea of winning these sweepstakes that he cannot control himself. 

His whole life he worked hard and lived simply and now I don't know what to do. I have stacks of donations and sweepstakes entries that I have confiscated instead of mailing--and I'm sure he has mailed many more that I did not see. 

He is on a very limited income and his last wife took all his savings. I am sending "cease and desist" letters to every address I get and emailing anyone who has an email address. But it just won't stop. 

PCH was at least responsive to my requests and they have ceased mailing him. So now he writes a $20 check to every scam and fraud that comes along. I don't even recognize this man anymore. He has lost all common sense. My brothers think this is a joke. They don't understand that this is serious fraud. And I worry about the scams getting worse. A couple weeks ago the North Shore Animal League--a legit nonprofit--sent a letter asking for his bank account number. They wanted to set up regular withdrawals to keep him in the drawings! I'm afraid he will fall for one of these and lose what little money he has. 

Does anyone know anything else I can do? I am at a loss. 

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Re: Is PCH a Scam?

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PCH is a scam. I worked at a major electronics company in Silicon Valley. PCH bought our products and marked them up significantly. They send 'vouchers' to people for 'credit' towards that product. Guess what? They are paying more for the product than they would anywhere else. How did I find this out? A customer returned one for repair, along with the 'voucher', and advertisement from PCH. I did some research and discovered the scam. I notified our company CEO about this, and we stopped business with them.

It's a direct marketing company. I really don't know how they're still staying in business.

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Re: Is PCH a Scam?

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 My understanding of PCH is that it is legit. The 'however' part is that there are, apparently, a whole lot of scams associated with them. The emails you are getting might very well be from scammers.

   I would suggest reading some articles on them, and find the ways to determine if you are getting legit emails.




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Is PCH a Scam?

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Happy New Year my AARP Community!

So happy to connect to each of you another year.


Recently, I clicked on my computer to Publishing Clearing House 

and it has been a “nightmare!” I just wanted to enter into the Sweepstakes 

for the life time weekly money that can be passed on to anyone you

name. Now PCH states that you do not have to “buy” anything to enter

the Sweepstake. What a LIE! I wish that AARP investigate the fraud 

presented on tv, books, and the computer. I get about 15-20 E-Mails

per day. They will not “Unsubscribe” my E-Mail and there is no phone number

to contact Headquarters. What an annoying sight asking to play games or

to contact different businesses ( that’s still asking to buy or invest into their


Any suggestion on stopping the E-Mails. I have learned an “annoying “ 

lesson that is still a Fraud coming from PCH.


Thanks for your help AARP or The Community.


Have a Blessed New Year Community!

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