Internet: Job Scam, Apply & Accepted as a Walmart Secret ShopperI

You apply filling out basic info:  Gender, Age, Name, Address, Have an Active Checking Account!  Only asks for info that everybody, everywhere alredy knows - or; is very easily found!  No account numbers, no social scurity numbers - nothing that is obviosly invasive, or; is difficult to ferrit out! None of the info only a total fool would provide!  You are mailed a Check to Deposit in the amount of what you will need to carry out the shopping task(s) + your salery for doing so!  "IF" you have gotten to this point - you are being set up for a Fraudulent Interstate Banking Transaction via Your Cellphone Instructions! The Check you will receive is an Altered (Very Legit Looking) Cashiers Check, or: Federal Credit Union Check etc.. ..It Is A Federal Crime in Progress! Not just a Simple Internet Scam.  Fraudulent / Altered Check, From An Out Of State Address, to be Deposited In A Federally Insured Institution!  Ie. You Bank, be it <any bank name where you do you basic checking and savings etc... accounting. Including (Not Limited To) Banks Like "Chase,"  or Other!  Stop!  Do not Pass Go!  Do Not Collect Money!  Do Not Deposit The Check or What Have You!  Call The FBI!  Connect To The Internet Crimes Center, Tell The Agent what is Transpiring!  The Agent Will Direct You To A Website!  (ICCC) Internet Crime Complaint Center!  Follow The nInstructions and Fill Out The Details as The Agent Told You To Do! Then also Post Here, with AARP  Do not bother the Local Police in the State, County in which You Reside, as; They cannot do a darn thing to help you!

Bruce Alan Baer
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