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Who is Jamie?

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Identify thrift

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Hello all. 

In 1996 my mother gave birth to my baby brother. Now years later I'm still not sure of why no one talks about it but his lungs didnt develop fully he passed only being 24 hours old. My mother went I  to some horrible long lasting depression and her mental wasnt good for a long while... that happened what my father did was not long after that and my great grandfather passed that same year too. But my mother  and I were talking about my father today and we were talking about the fact of how wealthy he is and dumbfounded on how it even happened... well during this she tells me today that years ago she though the funeral homes filed the death and well they dont and shes offended wondered if my father hasnt stolen Jamie's identity because of some side comments hes made throughout the years. How do I find out if my dad has done just that? If so that's sick and illegal. 

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