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Re: I won an International Clearing House Sweepstakes Mega Prize

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@f163978d I stand and applaud your actions. You set a fine example for every one of us who are likewise stuck with sucker stickers that are apparently visible over the land line. Smiley Happy

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I won an International Clearing House Sweepstakes Mega Prize

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I am new to this.  I will make it short. I did not write the date when all this happened, but I would say it was about 2 weeks ago. I recieved a message from a man by the name of Mike Goodman  (name is questionable)(telephone no. 202-239-873 that's in Washington DC) He left a message on my unlisted and unpublished telephone answering service congratulating me on the following things that I had won. $750,000  (to be deposited to my bank account) an additional cash prize of  $250,000 (don't stop me now) a 2017 Ford Pick-Up  (to be dropped off at a Ford dealership nearest me) and all I had to do was deposit $2500 for "their" shipping expenses before the bank closed, let the happy staff members at International Clearing House know that the deposit had been made, and I would be in fat heaven the following day. I declined by informing Mr. Goodman that I was unable to make it to a Bank (US) that was not mine, open an account and deposit that large of a sum of money with so little time. To shorten the story. It was a scam. No I did not fall for it. Yes I did report it and filed a complaint through AARP and the local Police Detective Dept. I'm new to AARP and did not know how to handle such a low form of life except to sound off and get it off my mind.  How anyone managed to see the sucker sticker on my forehead over the telephone is beyond me.

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