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Re: Have you been scammed or have you spotted a scam?

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Last Saturday night I received an email supposedly from my bank. I immediately called my bank. They sent me a secure email asking for the phone no that I was to call. I did that. Also they had my Starbucks password. On Monday I reported this to Starbucks. Satuday night I changed my Starbucks password. I have been advised that this scam has been shut down by the authorities. Never give out information to an email.

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Re: Have you been scammed or have you spotted a scam?

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This happened to one of my best friends. I am still mourning her death 15 months later from a broken heart! Her health wasn't good and she spent a lot of time on her pc , on various "lonely hearts" websites. She started emailing with one guy, who was supposedly a wounded veteran, who had suffered more injuries when his motorcycle crashed. The VA hospital wasn't forthcoming with PT, meds, knee brace and other support for the motorcycle injuries because they were not military related. She sent him a "small amount", as she put it so he could get a knee brace and his pain prescriptions filled. Now if any of you know about prescription pain meds, they're not cheap and she was living on Social Security & $$ from sale of her trailer. I later found out it escalated to clothes, a new TV, Christmas shopping for his nephews, etc. This info all came later, a few months before she died. He told her to stop talking to women she had met on the site, because they were jealous of their relationship & would say negative things about him. He was basically draining her bank account. She called me in November of 2014 & told me her cell was being cut off because she was in arrears & couldn't pay it. When I questioned how in the dickens this could happen, the whole, long, sad, story of how he had scammed her for $50,000+ , convinced her they were engaged, would be living together one day soon, all the things a lonely woman wants to hear, without her ever even holding her hand! We continued to correspond daily by email, using SKYPE or GLIDE sometimes. She didn't look well and was complaining of various elements. I called the facility she waa living in directly, I had her medical PoA. They started watching her more carefully and she seemed to improve. 3 days before Christmas, he contacted her via SKYPE and asked her to wire him $250 for Christmas dinner. When she told him she had less than $56 in her checking account, he disconnected without saying a word. When I  SKYPED her , Christmas Eve, she had a high fever, wasn't feeling well and wanted to go to the hospital. Over the next 5 months she was in and out of the hospital. I contacted her family from which she wS estranged, to inform them of her decline. Her mother & 2 siblings didn't really care. They moved her into hospice care while I was in surgical ICU 2,000 miles away. The Chaplain called and said it waa a matter of days. He put his cell to her ear so I could say goodbye. I asked them to inform her mother. Less then 30 hours later I received a call saying she had just passed, with the Christian music she liked playing and the Chaplain reading the Psalms she loved. Once I  could speak, I asked them to notify her family, as I only had Medical PoA, and everything about her remains, personal belongings, etc. was responsibility of her family. 

This whole long story is to point out what a long-term, lonely hearts scam can do. In her hospitalizations, the doctors could not find anything wrong, anything causing the fever, lethargy, total failing of her organs. I guess they teach what to look for when someone has a broken heart! I posted on her social media pages that she had died. A few months later, she received over 200 Happy Birthday posted on FB. I replied to everyone and let them know she had died. A few women contacted me, said she had written about me (we were friends for 44 years) & asked if the gut (by name) had anything to do with her death. When I explained what had happened right before Christmas & what followed, they said they had tried to warn her, but she wouldn't listen & had cut off contact with them. Please be careful of these "lonely heart" websites. They prey on men and women who are lonely and alone. I'm sure some may be okay, but anyone who cuts you off from other friends, has something to hide. Even if it's not $$, you may be in am abusive relationship, or another kind that you're not really comfortable with, and getting away is difficult. I miss my friend. She hid her feeding him her money, until she had no more! Please be careful. Not just your money, but your heart and life is on the line. 

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Re: Have you been scammed or have you spotted a scam?

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I was on a dating website and got into an email exchange with a person whose photos were posted there.  He seemed to be a very nice, well spoken businessman who was finalizing a project in Europe.  He was good.  He sent me flowers and candy, told me all the wonderful things we would do when he got back. Texted all the time and called often.  I was smitten.  

Then he called to say he was in serious trouble and he needed $20,000.

I don't have that kind of cash laying around, but I was going to try to get some money together for him until a friend told me she thought it was a scam.  Since then I have learned the signs.

I only correspond with men in my area that I can meet within a week or two.  Beyond that I am out of there.


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Re: Have you been scammed or have you spotted a scam?

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I was contacted by Facebook.They said I was to recieve an award.That was worth so much.All,I had to do was pay for delivery.the I supposed to be contacted about the award,from FBI.They had a legit address.Then I was contacted about a will in Europe.Whit the same last name.They said they would split it with me.Supposely he was in accident.And,had no immedietly family.THEN i was contact from and African country.The country was real.But,I would need to send $1,500.00 to recieve my award.Other than that.That's all.....Never sent any funds.....

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Re: Have you been scammed or have you spotted a scam?

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Yes, well they tried to ... I received a call that went to voicemail saying they were the IRS to contact immediately. I knew it was bogus because the IRS sends you a letter. Anyway I felt like playing their game. A man with a thick accent stated I was being investigated for failure to pay some taxes from 2009-2014. There was a warrant for my arrest. If I didn't pay I was going to jail. I asked for his name and badge, which he gave me. Then he goes into this long dragged out story. I said to him can you please be quiet and tell me what I have to do... So I won't go to jail. He fumbled and I guess his supervisor thought he hooked me, then he got on phone. Again I asked for name and badge. He went on to repeat the same BS as the other guy. They must read from same script and get nervous when you interrupt what they are saying.. They get lost. Anyway the guy tells this is very dangerous and private do not tell anyone not even your boss about this call. Again I was annoyed and I said could you hurry up and tell what I have to do.... 

He got upset and said calm down. Calm down... Are you crazy I'm going to jail. So he instructs to get up from my work desk and go to the nearest Walgreens.... Mind you... With phone in hand .... Talking to him. Let him know when I get there so he can tell me what to do. At that point I said to him.... Who in their right mind is going to expect the IRS to stay on the line with someone that is asking them to go to a Walgreens and get some sort of voucher. To them that's a debit. I told him you are out of your friggin... That he was going to scam... To go scam his mother. I did get the phone number and state of call. I got on the internet made a report on a site in Washington for IRS scammers. Then posted their info on Facebook to my family and friends. I was reading that multi millions of dollars are scammed everyday from people in the USA. But... They'll never get me.... I'm a tight was with my money. Even if I did really owe IRS I wouldn't pay them either... I'm make them out me on a payment plan. Lol !!!😜 M.C

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Re: Have you been scammed or have you spotted a scam?

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I have computer service with a company from India, so when I got a call with a man with a accent about my computer being corrupt I thought it was my service. I asked if it was them and the question was skireted. I followed all things I was told to do , then question and answer time, I didn't know this was the time they needed to get toltal control. I lost my service and computer. I was glad for my service they had me up and running in a few hours( had to do this by phone ). I still get these kind of calls glad I now know better and tell them I'll call back when I have time

Vernon Freeck
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Re: Have you been scammed or have you spotted a scam?

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So sorry for what you went through. I can't even imagine how you have dealt with it, but you have obviously used your pain to gain wisdom and compassion. Keep seeking help until you find comfort. I pray that God will bless you and give you peace. Hang in there. It will get better.
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Re: Have you been scammed or have you spotted a scam?

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Thanks for the great advice! I'm making some changes right now.
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Re: Have you been scammed or have you spotted a scam?

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I've come close, but stopped myself. I've received phishing mail with letterhead of reputable companies with the greeting "dear valued customer", as opposed to addressing me by name. I came close to furnishing a credit card number to "straighten out" my account; then it dawned on me that the email was not from the issuing bank and showed no signs of the sender really knowing me. Then the phone call offering me a government grant; they wanted account numbers. I told the caller to send me a check; he said he couldn't, but he couldn't tell me why.

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Re: Have you been scammed or have you spotted a scam?

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Hi Folks:


I've never been the victim of a scam as I am very careful and have countermeasures

in place which anyone can use and I'd like to share. They are harder to defeat if used.


I use a U.S. post office box for all bills and financial statements. This alone stops alot

of junk and fraudulent offers plus requires in-person visit with ID to change my address.

DO NOT use your full name or middle initial on any bank, debit or credit cards. This can

make it harder to open other accounts in your name, and easier to detect.


Use the best passwords you can, with a combination of at least 3 or 4 random numbers,

upper and lower case letters, plus special symbols, and make it at least 15 spaces long

if you are able to. I was shocked to find shopping websites downgrading their security

by allowing weaker passwords, and my secure ones 15 spaces long and special symbols

were no longer allowed. As an example:  Gd1@w95bG*5x2#S. Keep a written password

list under lock and key, out only when you use it, and not stored on any computer. Those

password manager programs give a false sense of security. Instead of many passwords

just one can expose your entire online life and identity to theft. Two factor authentification

can be used when your home phone is called with the code, NOT your smart phone or in

a text to your cellphone. Use the highest security settings in your browser you can they're

there to protect you online, and you won't miss anything doing this. Disable the third party

cookie acceptance in privacy settings. The only thing you'll miss are some online web ads.


Changing your password at any interval is NOT necessary! Change it only when you are

having a problem, or suspect one is happening and your account has been unlawfully

accessed and/or contents changed or deleted not by you. Some websites provide login

access information like email accounts so you can see whern it was last accessed, and

even activity that ocurred, like password reset or changes. Check it at least once a month
even if you're not doing anything else like email. DO NOT use any personally identifiable

information in your email addresses, passwords, or security answers. You can lie and you

will only know the answer is correct. Most people use real information for security questions

and they get hit that way providing the correct answers they found in an online search of you.


Use an email service like Outlook that encrypts your email betwen you and the server. The

https:// will be at the beginning of the address in every email. DO NOT use online storage

like OneDrive to save documents and photos. These can be hacked into and your personal

information stolen. Better to store them on a flash drive you can keep locked away when not

in use, not on your hard drive where they can be stolen if your computer is hacked. Do not

use email and search engines like Google that keep everything forever even if you delete it.

You have no control over them giving everything to the government without a search warrant

issued by a judge for probable cause AND sufficient evidence. It's your privacy you have the

right to and your obligation to protect it by any means possible, regardless whether you have

'nothing to hide or worry about' or do. That has to be the lamest and laziest excuse not to!


One of my favorite pet peeves is that caller ID does NOT detect phony spoofed telephone

numbers. Get call ID if you don't have it, and check incoming numbers. Any you don't rec-

ognize can be suspicious. Call them from another phone or later, and find out if they are

genuine, PLUS do a reverse directory search online. Spoofed numbers are ones that are

not working, disconnected, or not in service. Someone called you from a number that was

not in your caller ID display trying to scam you.


Stay safe and practice safe browsing without fail. NEVER click on links anywhere no matter

where they are, you might not go to where you expect, and get a drive-by malicious payload

of malware onto your computer from a malicious website. All it takes it 2 seconds faster than

you can respond at broadband speeds.

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