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๐Ÿ˜ฑ FBI says you shouldn't use public phone charging stations! CNBC

By Rohan Goswami. 4/10/23


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Attitudes and behaviors surrounding personal devices have become astonishingly paradoxical.  So many people have so much vital information stored on them, yet they are so careless about security.  It doesn't help that there are companies trying to profit from selling Identity Theft Insurance by creating the illusion that they can protect and restore things if one gets hacked.

Doesn't matter if it is anything from an Access Point to a Charging Station or WiFi.  If it is Public, ask yourself:  "Would I hook-up with it at an Orgy?".

Of course it is also a disturbing commentary on the sense of Self Respect the Species as a whole has for itself that we accept these risks as unavoidable and unchangeable.  Doesn't that make our very exisitence unnaturally, unnecessarily and irredeemably destructive?

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