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Class Action Lawsuits - Too many lawyers?

I see so many class action lawsuits advertised. I suspect in most of these suits, the lawyers are making millions and the individuals in the class are making a couple of bucks. Maybe we need fewer lawyers.


Two lawyers are in a bank when, suddenly, two armed robbers burst in. While one of the robbers takes the money from the tellers, the other lines the customers, including the lawyers, up against a wall and proceed to take their wallets, watches, and other valuables. The first lawyer shoves something into the other one’s hand. “What is this?” the latter asks without looking. “It’s that $100 I owe you.” 

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Gotta say...It would also be nice to see more discussion of Cultural and Societal matters. 

When the Politics and Society message board was shut down it was like folks just gave up.  Politics is just a subset of the other two.

Given the current climate, it would probably be more constructive to discuss these matters without the political component.

Disclaimer:  Even though 'politics' is mentioned multiple times in this post, it is in no way intended as a political opinion.  It may in fact be healthier to disregard that particular aspect in the discussion of Cultural and Societal matters and explore more competent means of implementing healthy evolution.

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That's as good as 'difference between a dead lawyer and a dead snake in the road'.

Must respectfully disagree with @WebWiseWoman  with reference to 'something we'll always have to deal with'.  The money grubbing lawyer is an entirely Manufactured Reality.  Meaning the behavior evolved, exists and survives entirely in a world that exists in the minds of people.  Yes, part of what supports the illusion of reality is that people have elevated the whole notion to a prominent role in our culture.  But if we were to disappear tomorrow not another living creature on the planet would be asking, "How do we carry on without the lawyers?".

Their conduct is entirely based on and reflective of the culture and society they exist in.  It is, therefore, subject to modification by the culture and society in which it exists.

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I think you are saying it is the fault of society, but if that's not it maybe you can simplify. I'm a simple man. 🙂

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With all due respect @DirkB349973  ...not assigning 'Fault' anywhere.  That would be counterproductive.  Simply offering a perspective on what seemed an inaccurate portrayal of 'Reality' by @WebWiseWoman

...Come to think of it, might have been inspired by a couple of documentaries I watched recently.  One (can't remember the title) was about the construction of The Hoover Dam that repeatedly compared and contrasted Safety Culture in the construction industry back then and these days.  The other was PBS's Downing of a Flag.  This one jumped back and forth in time to highlight cultural evolution regarding specific symbols.

...Once again...if we were to disappear tomorrow not a single creature on earth would ask "How will we carry on without flags?" or "How will we carry on with only Beavers building Dams?".

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hahahahaha, every time I see a "new" fda-approved drug ad or product ad, my mind awaits the next "class action"... seriously, imho, lawyers chasing their next lawsuit (used to be ambulance) are something we'll always have to deal with. Sad but true...

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