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Re: Chase bank employee theft

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I'm sorry to hear you've had a troubling situation at the bank.  I agree with @ASTRAEA that you should gather all of your pertinent information and go to the police right away for immediate help!


I wonder if you can explain the discrepancy in dates?  If your problem happened in 2010 and you are just getting around to investigating it, don't you think you might run into "statute of limitation" problems?  After all, it is seven years after the fact.  Memories fade and records get destroyed due to aging out.  Yes, I believe the police department is your best bet as a start.

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Re: Chase bank employee theft

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@ps9634 - I strongly suggest you get all your paperwork together about the bank, and speak to someone at your local police department .. ASAP!!

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Chase bank employee theft

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In 2010 I opened  an account with Chase bank on Lakeway drive in Bellingham, Washington. Within a week $2000 was stolen from me and shortly after I had over  $10,000 stolen from me by bank employees. I brought my first statement to the bank manager who immediately said that it was a mistake without even checking the two small deposits of $20 and $30. I felt he was in on this and no matter who I called for help including security I have never been able to get my money back. This money was left to me by a brother to help me in my old age, I really need this money for medical purposes.I need help, please

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