Contributor is a fraud

Re: the company is also a Fraud is a fraud company too. This company in the United States takes your money and does not reimburse you, they do not have a claim form, you do not have direct email, only an email controlled by them at your convenience, there are no claims by phone on your main website, you need to search a lot on your page, then they said they called you but they do not do it in fact are a liar, however, in lowercase letters, have a phone number and, if you wish, call them at this number, never do it, publish it on your website "However, if you prefer to call us, you can do so by dialing + 1-844-750-8180. Have the reservation confirmation on hand, as this will be requested. We are happy to answer your call, but when you call us, you will have a longer waiting time and more call handling with our agents. Everything is a den is a FRAUD NEVER USE THIS COMPANY TO RENT ...

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I agree that there's no good reason for any consumer to rent through But I doubt that it is perpetrated as a fraud.


I prefer to rent reserve cars directly from the rental company ...remember that in the end you are always renting from the rental company, with all others you are only reserving a vehicle (and there is no guarantee that when you get there your preferred vehicle will be available...another story). 


I might, and have, also reserve through an amalgamator such as Expedia or Travelocity. These are the two most well-known sites, in my experience, in the US. But again, you are not renting directly from them, instead you are searching for a vehicle and then reserving it through these sites. ...but in the end, your reservation and rental are with the rental car company; all financial, etc, dealings are with them.


It's interesting to note that Travelocity is owned by Expedia. In fact, so is! 


Expedia owns a number of other travel-related sites. See


I do use these sites to "shop around" for travel...air flights, hotels, rental cars. But nowadays I almost invariably book directly with the vendor's site (ie: the hotel, airline, or car rental). Generally, I get better service, and perhaps upgrades when available, from the major hotel chains and rental cars. I am aware that there are some small "bed and breakfast" places that do not do their own booking but go through Expedia.


Last year we needed a mini van in Canada for a month. The total cost looked to be high and my wife was looking for bargains as she always does. She saw and I checked it out, finding out that it was an Expedia company and that it only dealt with Avis and Budget (same company) and was not a true comparison across different vendors but there were no special rates there. In the end I went directly to Enterprise (my own preferred company) and got the cheapest rate I had seen. As an aside, that almost 4 weeks for the mini van (Dodge Grand Caravan) was under $900 USD...pretty cheap!

My advice for shopping for travel deals...keep shopping around! And if it looks too good to be true then that's probably the case!



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Silver Conversationalist an aside regarding Travelocity/Expedia. Travelocity did "take care of us" when Continental Airlines dumped us high and dry in Shanghai, China some years back when during a bird flu epidemic everyone was held on the plane for some time, causing us to miss our onward connection...and everyone from Continental had "gone home" (gosh, I was so glad to see them go bankrupt).


We were able to call Travelocity long distance from China to get a hotel in Shanghai, taxi, change the flight, and all. The Chinese lady at the airport desk whose phone we were using (but paying for) was incredulous at our ability to pay for and stay on the line for up to an hour, I believe the cost was borne by Travelocity. Anyway, in my view, Travelocity saved our bacon that time.


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  • Continental Airlines "thumbs down" (blows raspberry)
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