American Community Survey

My 89 year old mother with diagnosed dementia has received several letters stating she must complete an "American Community Survey" online.  This letters state they are from the US Department of Commerce, Economics & Statistics Administration.  She does not have a computer and I instructed her to ignore the letter.  A week later she gets a reminder notice to go online and complete the survey.  The letter informs her that a paper copy of the survey will be sent to her if she does not respond.  This letter also states "required by US Law and if you do not respond a Census Bureau interviewer will be visiting your residence."  Now my mother is completely frightened she is breaking the law.  I called the 800 number on the paperwork and after being transferred around numeorus times finally spoke to someone with poor English skills.  I advised them she could not complete the paperwork due to her health and was informed somebody needed to fill it out the paper copy for her.  This does not seem right.  Paper copy of this survey was received a week later with another letter stating she MUST fill it out under US Law.  All of the letters have been addressed to:  "resident at with her address."   Her name is NOT listed on any of the correspondence. The questions on this survery were asking too much personal information.  A 5th notification was received today requesting the survey be completed and mailed back.  Is this a legitimate governemnt form that MUST be completed?  Could she actually be penalized for not completing this form due to her mental health?  Any answers would be greatly appreciatd.

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In your shoes, I would fill it out for her if it decreased her stress and worrying about it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t bother.


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