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I'm going to choose Songs to Make Us Smile While in Quarantine, also started by @nyadrn. If we ever needed anything this year, it was a reason to make us smile. 🙂


Many of us have talked about how music was getting us through this difficult year. These topics are a wonderful way of sharing that love of music, and how we're feeling about it on any given day. Kudos to all the contributors, and especially to @nyadrn for starting the R&R forum. 


"Music can change the world because it can change people." - Bono
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Community Manager

@MaVolta, I couldn't agree with you more!

Honored Social Butterfly

I like both Song Title Forums equally since I am more into the oldies. I will admit that there probably wouldn't be an Oldies forum if there hadn't been a problem with the original last 4th of July weekend. I created the Oldies forum because we needed something to do. It certainly appears that both are very popular.

Honored Social Butterfly

My fav is the Song Title Game, which has

been going strong since July of 2009. It’s

my fav because you just have to match

one word from the previous title and it

can be from any time period and any

musical genre. Kudos to @nyadrn for

posting such a clever game still going

strong in 2020!

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