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Who is the best rock’nroll Frontman?

You know who I’m talking about, he or

she is the one that sets the stage on

FIRE in the group. So who is your

favorite rock Frontman? Let us know
why, if you want, 
or you can even rank

your top 10 or more.

(Bands who don’t have a dedicated

frontman, such as the Beatles, probably

don’t qualify)

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Tina Turner

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Roger Daltrey (the Who)

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Whenever I hear Van Halen, all I can think of and picture in my mind is David Lee Roth.

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Johnny Clegg as frontman for Savuka

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James Brown

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Johnny Clegg as frontman for Jaluka 


 Freddy Mercury was the best frontman I have ever seen.  Just recalling the Live Aid performance Queen gave at Wimbley Statium and the worlds response it enough said.

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Sting.  Whether it's with a punk/reggae/rock trio, a jazz/rock band or alone on stage, he's mesmerizing.  

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David Bowie

I saw Bowie in 1987 for his Glass Spider

Tour. From start to finish, what an amazing

show. Bowie was a great entertainer, an

absolute showman, who kept you

entertained from start to finish. I still

miss his music to this day

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I saw Bowie for the Serious Moonlight Tour in 1983 and the Reality Tour in 2004. His stage presence is beyond compare and the band players are so tight no matter who is playing with him. Earl Slick is a favorite! I still feel sad when I think there will be no more new David Bowie songs, but I feel grateful that I saw these two unbelievable shows



"If the song makes it and people like it, then I guess that's all that matters, really." -Jeff Beck
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I have a bunch of favs here, but today I’m

gonna go with the incredible Mick Jagger.

His high energy combined with his

dancing and facial expressions

still amaze me! Just love him 💜🎼

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Now that's a tough one!


For pure energy and showmanship, as well as powerful vocals, I'd go with Roger Daltrey and Mick Jagger. They both have a masterful stage presence.


For sheer vocal ability, I'd have to say that they don't get much better than Ian Gillan in his prime. He had an amazing range with a lot of control, and timbre in his voice. He was hired to sing the role of Jesus on the rock album JC Superstar. They offered him the stage role, but he declined since he was ready to go on tour with Deep Purple. He also had those remarkable high note banshee screams that were on pitch and with vibrato, at times. Sadly, that voice gave way too early in his career. He seemed to have a lot of respiratory problems, was known to smoke a lot, and those screams do take a toll on the vocal chords. (He writes about it in his autobiography).


I will also put Klaus Meine on this list. This band has always had a lot of energy, and Klaus can sing those great power ballads, as well as the hard hitting rock songs. He also has a good range, even now.


All four are still active. I won't bother to rank them. They are all great.


"Music can change the world because it can change people." - Bono
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Bruce Springsteen

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Diana Ross

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David Gilmour

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Freddie Mercury

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Smokey Robinson

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Jon Bon Jovi

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Tom Petty- May you Rest in Peace

"If the song makes it and people like it, then I guess that's all that matters, really." -Jeff Beck
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