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When did you last hug someone & get a wonderful hug in return?

Hopefully those who are locked down with someone will be able to say "TODAY".  I am sad to say my last time was in January when my daughter went back to her job in France.  Sigh....  I was alone much of the time before lockdown but it was mostly by choice.  The other day though when the UPS man delivered a package & had a question about its condition, I almost hugged him!  Lol... I restrained myself.  Hugs are just what we need right now with all this madness & what we can't do.  Hugs ease stress, make you happier, boost your immune system... so many good things.  Many virtual hugs to everyone!!OIPLJG4BPIM.jpg


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Community Manager

Thank you, @SusanS100852, your post warmed my heart. A big, virtual hug right back at ya 🤗 Have a great day!

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