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What song reminds you of Mom?

Let's pay tribute to all the moms out there this Mother's Day! What song reminds you of Mom?

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Sentimental Journey

“Sadie” by the Spinners. My Gram and my mom, I miss them and their warm embrace so much.


Misty Blue was mom's favorite.


Bridge Over Troubled Water.  My Mom uses it as her ring tone.


"The Little Drummer Boy" My mother loved the Christmas song. My mother died in 1979.


I'll always love my Mama, she's my favorite girl!  

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My mom would be well in her 100's as she was born in 1903.  She used to love to sing a Kate Smith song "When the Moon Comes Over the Mountains."


My mother was born in 1912 and she loved the Kate Smith show which always ended with Kate singing the Moon song.  I was around 6 0r 7 years old and I could not stand the show but I did like the song.

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I will always Love ❤️ my Momma she’s my favorite girl. Talking about Momma

Racquel Evans
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Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)  by  Doris Day

My Mom died last year and she used to sing this to my sisters and I when we were young.  Thank you for suggesting this for Mother's day.

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All my love, Led Zeppelin. 
My Mom was, back in the day, a big Led Zep

fan as am I. She is 88 now and I still think of

her everytime I hear this song, which I love



@AARPLynne You Are My Sunshine

My mom passed away just two months ago and we played it for her right before she passed.