What's your favorite day of the week song?

“I Don’t Like Mondays” contributes the theme for this week’s playlist – songs including days of the week in their title. What days of the week have inspired the most hit songs?  Saturday and Sunday by far seem to inspire the most songs, followed by Monday and Friday, with mid-week days having sparse offerings.  What are your favorite “days of the week”?  Another Saturday In The Park?  Sunday Morning?  Monday Monday?  Tuesday Morning?  Wednesday Morning 3 A.M.?  Sweet Thursday?  Last Friday Night?  Give a listen to find out!


I hope that this music and my blog truly serve as a “revival: a new presentation of something old,” a springboard to return to the music of your youth, or perhaps to find artists you want to discover anew.  Rediscover the passion of music in your life.  Live in the moment.  Enjoy the moment.  Love the moment.  Listen to the MUSIC! 


"It's five o'clock Friday"  by  Mr.

George Jones 🌹 Love it 🌹

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May seem like a bit of a stretch, but:

The Beat Goes On/Switching To Glide - The Kings


"Nothing matters but the weekend from a Tuesday point of view"

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Another Park, Another Sunday - The Doobie Brothers


Ooh, ooh Listen to the Music...


-->  Another Park, Another Sunday (2006 Remaster) - YouTube


...cause that's what the people need...


Offsides - no day in title but includes all seven days in song:


Police On My Back - The Clash 


--->  The Clash - Police on my Back (with lyrics) - YouTube






added the Doobies...

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Sunday Will Never Be The Same

Monday, Monday

Tuesdays Dead

Wednesday Morning 3 A.M

Sweet Thursday

Black Friday

Another Saturday Night



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My favorites on your list are . . .

  • Eight Days A Week
  • Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)
  • Sunday Bloody Sunday 
  • Come Monday
  • Tuesday Afternoon
  • Ruby Tuesday

My favorites not on your list . . .

  • Heaven On A Sunday - Paul McCartney
  • Loving You Sunday Morning - Scorpions 
  • Tuesday’s Gone - Metallica’s version
  • Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night - Bon Jovi


From country music . . .

  • Sunday Morning Coming Down - Kris Kristofferson
  • Small Town Saturday Night - Hal Ketchum


“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” - Jimi Hendrix

added your songs (though not the "covers", though did add Metallica cover to my covers playlist - see 

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Great playlist! Lots of great songs

on there 🎼💜 My two favs are:

Eight days a week by the Fab 4️⃣

Monday Morning by The Mac


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